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madness randomes 2 (collab)

2017-06-04 09:54:59 by MJorik

what is required for collaboration:

2-3 clips maximum (150 frames minimum)

no porn

and skill low as: madness-boy

Deadline: 1 august

and if you have a little skill to have a private collab:


Mjorik (1/!)

SapkyRides (1/!)

xKirxeee (0/!)

Kote1337 (3/!) (DONE)

omega17172 (0/!)

ayaneskaju690 (0/!)

vote this is collab

2017-06-04 09:40:59 by MJorik


2017-05-20 00:21:25 by MJorik
Updated (vigneron M2)




New Format? parodia?

2017-05-13 04:14:42 by MJorik

New Format

and Parodia

this is a parody of flashdeck animation

Epic-Face Battle


and Yes, madness combat will remain

new project

2017-05-03 10:30:20 by MJorik

i member


poke the link below and you'll get your first million

it works 100%

approved by experts


2017-04-23 12:48:30 by MJorik

thanks all

1danil2 (fan)

ak47micah (fan)

AllesandroFerrato (funny)

AlienAlan (fan)

Ante45 (cool)

Anterdox (epic animator)

Atp505 (epic animator)

BizWuzzZuzz (epic animator)

Blakinvout (bro, fun, flying flash)

CoolNinjaTMNTfan (fan)

CyanideCupcakes (fan)

czMORTYXcz (fan)

DeronMadness (good animator)

DJauditor (fan)

doomboy2018 (fan)

EDM364 (cool)

Electronic-Headphone (cool)

epicmilo (fan)

Eshio (epic animator)

Fedor22 (funny, spriter)

goncalves2341 (good spriter)

joejoebunn (cool)

JohnyPixel (epic animator)

LUNA-PL (good animator)

LuWolf (fan)

lysakov220674931805 (anime)

MadGeorg (fan)

Madness-boy (the best)

MadnessWolf (the best)

MasterZaba (good animator)

NDG-1313 (good animator)

Normalium (good animator)

omega17172 (the best)

oWnOmega (epic animator)

Papabless123 (fan)

RagonFighter (orange)

SapkyRides (the best)

Slenderderp (fan)

VladClown (the best)

Wondermeow (cool)

ZeoMadness (Zeo)

Hank is dead

2017-04-05 00:02:19 by MJorik

new test

2017-03-17 11:26:21 by MJorik